CTC - Climate Technology Center BONN

Bonn Climate Project

The Bonn Climate Project reflects to the necessity for international joint research and development for the turn-key deployment of complete solutions, pilot plants and the transfer of technologies throughout the world, particularly into emerging and developing countries, in order to find and provide solutions for the global energy-, environmental-, water- food and security problems.


Hydrogen Strategy Paper

A guide for governments, international organisations, universities and researchcenters, NGOs and the Business Sector for energy infrastructure building a socio-political, economic and ecological project in applied climate protection and development work “Due to the drastic climate change and its already perceptible consequences which cascade over us daily somewhere in the world, large-scale climate protection combined with development work, is urgently needed and must start immediately, in many poor countries, which are plagued by extreme heat,
droughts, water shortages, crop failures, diseases and warfare”

European Competence Center for Energy & Environmental Transfer
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